History – The Fling from Year One

2002 – First year of the Beaver State Fling – C-tier at Dabney State Park in Troutdale, OR, 2 days
  • This was a filler event for the Oregon Series that was “thrown together” in 3 weeks. No nonsense, but a lot of fun. Got our feet wet as TDs
  • Full Sail got behind the Series and the event with generous sponsorship
2003 – B-tier at Dabney State Park in Troutdale, OR, 2 days
  • So much fun the first year, it was back by popular demand, but since there was more planning fund raising time, it made sense to run it as a B-tier in the larger Portland market
  • This was the most sponsored event in all of Oregon for 2003
  • Part of the player experience included sweet player packs that included a prime rib dinner
2004 – A-tier at Dabney State Park and Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, OR, 2 days
  • The PDGA felt the B-tier was such a success that we were offered a spot as a Supertour stop.
  • First year running an event at two locations, as inspired by attending Worlds and the Memorial. We provided lots of pre-event information about the event structure and driving maps, it went off without any major hitches
  • First year of a current BSF tradition of providing lunches on Saturday and Sunday
  • Starting in 2004, the BSF set and holds the attendance record for PDGA events in the NW
2005 – NT/A-tier (Pro/Am) at Dabney (Ams only) and Milo McIver with 2-18 hole courses, 2 days
  • Next Adventure comes on board as a major sponsor, a relationship that continues to flourish between Next Adventure and disc golf in Portland
  • The PDGA recognizes the success of the BSF on the Supertour and invites us to be part of the NT’s “west coast swing”
  • We started looking outside the region to try and get more traveling players. Barry Shultz made the trip out to this “remote” location, reported a great experience and ended up with the win.
  • Fifth largest PDGA event by attendance (combined Pro and Am) in the world
2006 & 2007 – NT/A-tier at Milo McIver only, with both 18 hole courses, 3 days, tee times on Saturday and Sunday
  • Barry makes the trip out again to take his second win in a row in 2006
  • Nate Doss makes the trip up in 2007 to take his first ever NT win in his career… after he was already a World Champion. There was actually a 3 way tie for first with Nate Doss, Avery Jenkens and Dave Feldberg
  • Fifth largest PDGA event by attendance (combined Pro and Am) in the world
2008 – A-tier with the same format as the NT/A-tier
  • We decide to take a break from the National Tour and move the event later in the summer to ensure summer weather. This doesn’t affect the event popularity or attendance
  • Gregg Barsby matched Barry Shultz’s amazing course record of 48 (on a par 60), on Milo west.
  • Fourth largest PDGA event by attendance (combined Pro and Am) in the world
2009 – back as an NT/A-tier, same format as has been proven over the past few years, still using the 2 championship level courses at Milo McIver State Park.
  • The Bellinger’s step aside to take a break from the TD role and hand the event over to Michael Phillips and Jeff Mittl. The Portland Rocs also step up to provide more support than ever.
  • Apparently word of mouth has gotten around about the BSF experience, because on-line registration filled in 3hours and 32min for the Ams (crashing the on-line registration server), and a little over 32hours for the Pros .
  • First year the sponsors can vendor in the park all weekend, and the player’s party will be at the course
  • Gawain’s mini-golf is now organized as an official tournament over the weekend
  • JD and his K-9 Kings are back again with another awesome dog show
  • Major Sponsor is Keen and they made a huge impression with the golfers. Next Adventure takes the reins on planning and cooking for all the participants and volunteers.
2010 – PDGA again grants the Beaver State Fling NT/A-tier status. However due to size limitations the decision was to split the events into a Pro weekend and an Amateur weekend
  • Due to an overwhelming demand to get into the event Jeff MIttl and Michael Phillips decided to split the weekends and let more players into the event.
  • The Professional weekend was on May 28-30th and the Amateur weekend was on the following weekend in Jun 5-6th
  • The professional event hosted 214 professional disc golfers and the amateur event hosted 159 amateurs. This is the first year that the event had a wet weekend for the duration of the event.
  • Keen agrees to maintain title sponsorship while Next Adventure throws down a feast of food and prizes during the event.
2011 – The Beaver State Fling returns to the PDGA national tour but decides to maintain the festival feel of the event and combines the Professional and Amateur weekends again. Jeff Hagerty steps in to replace Michael Phillips as Co-TD.
  • The decision to move the event to later in the tour was made as an effort to try to guarantee better weather for the event. The plan works and the BSF has great golf weather throughout the event.
  • The event continues to fill up amazingly fast on both the professional and amateur sides.
  • Paul McBeth stuns David Feldberg by erasing his 4 stroke lead in the final round to shoot an East Course record of 49 for the victory.
2012 – Another Banner year with the Beaver State Fling on the PDGA National tour after the tour was reduced from 9 events down to 6 events.
  • The PDGA joins the festivities and brings out Bryan Graham and the PDGA tent to help support the growth of the sport in Oregon
  • Jeff Mittl and Jeff Hagerty prove to be a winning team and pull off an amazing event.
  • BSF brings in technology and reduced the clutter by using large screens to display scores in the PDGA tent.